Sizing Guide

Please note the following sizes are intended to be a guide only.

Official Lotus Clothing:

These sizes are provided by Lotus and used in the production of the majority of the clothing range.

Extra Small

Men: 32-34 inches or 82-86 cm

Women: UK 8-10


Men: 34-36 inches or 86-90 cm

Women: UK 10-12


Men: 36-40 inches or 90-100 cm

Women: UK 12-14


Mens: 40-42 inches or 100-106cm

Women: UK 14-16

Extra Large

Mens: 42-44 inches or 106-112cm

Women: UK 16-18

Extra Extra Large

Men: 44-46 inches or 112-116cm

Women: UK 20-22

Extra Extra Extra Large

Men: 46-48 inches or 116-120cm

Women: UK 20-22